Chris and Jonnie Rutledge invites college-aged and young adults to join in their home fellowship that meets Wednesday evenings.  Great time of Food and Fellowship.

Chris is 35 and still prefers to spend his birthday playing video games with friends, drinking Mountain Dew Voltage and eating cheap pizza dipped in even cheaper cheese sauce. He has a fiercely-held belief that cultivating this mindset is crucial for continued success in his technology-related roles both at church and at his workplace.

He likes to gaze contemplatively off-camera in a transparent effort to add perceived depth to his character. The collared shirt just adds to the illusion.

Also, he is married to Jonnie. It's a pretty great setup

Jonnie got her start in worship through the local nursing home scene. Jonnie has served on a number of different worship teams over the past ten years. She help lead worship at our Foursquare Summer Camps, and has served in various staff roles at local Foursquare churches, youth and young adult groups.

She loves to host and throw parties, having a strong desire to make sure people feel loved and at home.