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Want to join us in making a difference? We are raising money for Auburn Foursquare Church to move into a new facility, and any donation will help make an impact.

The River is a small, but growing community on a big mission in the City of Auburn, Washington. We are excited to move to a new building and are raising donations to build out this new multi-use facility.

Church Vision Fund Donations (Tax Deductable)

Our Story: Share The River!

The River Foursquare Church is a small, but growing community on a big mission in the City of Auburn, WA committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and the entire community, simply by, Sharing The River.

Sharing The River means that we constantly look for opportunities to give away what we have, big or small, to benefit and impact our city. We do this by volunteering to serve at city events, donating money and gifts to those in need, facilitating groups for those struggling with depression, anxiety, and addiction, and creating as many opportunities as we can to help people encounter Jesus wherever they are in their journey of life... and then equip them to do the same for others.

Over the last couple years, as we have been faithful to Share The River, we knew we were quickly outgrowing our facility on Main Street and also sensed that we were being called to expand our reach. A few months later our building was placed on the market to be sold, so we started a long journey of praying and searching for our next spot with the hope we could remain downtown. About a year ago, after a couple years of looking, we were close to signing a new lease in North Auburn, but as we drew up the paperwork we sensed it was not in line with our desire to remain downtown, so we withdrew and decided to wait for another opportunity.

A few months later a building very close to our current building opened up that we have had an eye on for a long time, even commenting multiple times through the years, “we wish we could rent that location”, so we decided to inquire even though we believed it was out of our price range. The process since then has been amazing, with tangible and obvious signs of favor that this is our next location, which is more than double the square footage that we have now... last week we officially signed a 3 year lease (with another 3 year option) that puts us in a great spot in the heart of Auburn.

Our vision is that our new building will be a multi-use facility that can be adapted for just about any event you can think of from church services, to weddings, seminars, city events, and concerts. In-order for us to adapt to this variety, the design will be modern, industrial, cafe warmth, clean, and distinctively NorthWest, with an unmistakable splash of contemporary church.

Our Design Inspiration:
Design Inspiration

So now, we have begun minor demolition and started planning renovations to “hopefully” move in by April 1, 2019. We have estimated the renovations at approximately $50k, and currently have allocated $25k through amazing favor in the negotiations process. We would like to invite you to help us Share The River by donating to our Vision Fund where our goal Is to raise $25k (money and/or materials) to match the $25K we have allocated.

Sharing The River isn’t about us, it is about those who find themselves in our city and serving them so one day they may have the opportunity to serve someone else... and this is how a single small river turns into many rivers and tributaries downstream!

Please help us, Share The River, by donating to our Church Vision Fund ( and/or donating supplies for the build out! Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause, your partnership means so much to us!

Much Love,
Chris Antonelli