Here at River Foursqare we want you to feel welcome and accepted. As we worship and study God’s Word, it might help to know these things about us:

  • You are significant here, with God-given worth and value. We're glad you've come.
  • You can grow here. We are working together to become the people God intends for us to be. There are people and ministries here committed to helping you grow in your understanding of God's plan for you and to encourage you as you move forward.
  • You can belong here. We're a family - committed to one another. We share one another's successes, help each other beyond our failures, and celebrate life together. At River Foursquare no one stands alone. Wherever you are in your life's journey you will find people here who will stand with you.
  • You can make a difference here. God has designed you with specific gifts and abilities. Together we are learning how to use our gifts to serve our church and the communities that surround us in a way that changes lives and transforms those communities.

Please join us on Sunday evenings at 6pm for our Worship service.

We would love to see you!